Saturday, September 11, 2010

HOW TO MAKE FAST CASH: Freelance yourself!

There are any number of places on the Internet where you can go and sign up as a freelance writer. Many people do not realize that there is a great demand for Writers due to the need for Content on the Internet. I myself buy a lot of articles written by several of these services. Businesses, Internet Marketers and mainstream sites like all use freelance writers. The best part is, you don’t have to be an expert writer in most cases.
One of these services, Freelance Home Writers, is a membership site that you join to access databases of companies looking for writers. You then pick and choose which writing jobs you want and just pass over the ones you don’t want. Typically you’ll be writing Blog post and Content articles for Websites. However you can get the chance to write fiction and non-fiction story’s as well. They also have several other opportunities for you to make money on the Internet. That’s pretty good money for people who can turn out a few articles per day. Currently they’re running a $2.97 for a 7 day trial. This is cheap enough to get in and see the writing opportunities they have as well as the other programs to make money at home. Click Here to find out more about this opportunity.
Read Emails – Take Online Surveys – Product Evaluation
In my opinion, this isn’t as easy as Project Payday, but it’s real close. There are companies that receive thousands of emails every day that need to be read. Obviously the CEO or other employees can’t spend every day reading emails, so they outsource this.
There are several companies where they outsource this type of work as well as other tedious, time consuming chores such as product testing and evaluation, online surveys, online mystery shopping and others. Send Earnings is one such company that other companies outsource to. Consumers such as you sign up and are normally paid on a per assignment completed basis. The pay varies by what type of assignment you choose. You choose where you want to make money. Click Here to learn more or to sign up for this opportunity. It’s FREE to join and you can get started making money online very quickly.

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